Fog Effects footage

The fog effects are finally reality, and nice do they look! They we're first implemented using a sort of cellular automaton, but because of the development platform's restrictions it ate CPU's for breakfast..
The current fog system works using huge blended fog particles. It allows some interesting gameplay possibilities especially for the multiplayer. Hiding and camping in fog, fog removing and creation devices.. Only problem is that the fog needs to be completely deterministic, so that every player sees it the same way, but that's not really a problem as the fog system is so simple.

Among the fog there are also many other graphical  improvements.
This video (with very dense fog) explains things a lot better than words would:

Fog effect concept

I was thinking that it would be cool to add some sort of fog effect to the maps.
The main reason for this is that it of course looks good, but it also makes it mostly unneeded to separate the shadows from backgrounds that represent objects further away from the player.

In short the fog makes the shadows like the ones in this video look logical.

A concept visualization:

Squishing bugs

There was a terribly weird bug that made the menu appear pure black after returning to it from the game itself.
Finally it was located being in the drawing code of the ingame hud. The code set a d3d transformation that was based on the resolution of the screen. The transformation wasn't corrected when entering the menu that had different resolution, so the whole thing was drawn offscreen. That's all about it. Nearly two hours wasted.
And a screen of the menu itself:

Yes, it's using Gm Gui by GearGOD.
Praise him.

Did some optimizations and the game now starts a bit faster than before even though it loads more stuff.

Things often aren't as simple as they seem: the serverlist and connection initializing using it finally started to work when implemented to the game.. So now I can really start doing the netcode.

Just got the serverlist thing for The Swapper working with some modifications. Now it really is time for some netcode rewriting.

Lighting effects

The "HDR"-stuff I tried today looks pretty nice. It should just not be overused as it currently is. Notice the dynamic soft shadows:
Screenshot from older build for comparison. Maybe a bit more athmospheric:

About The Swapper

Basically The Swapper is something that could be described as a puzzle platform shooter. It's main idea is a device that makes living objects swap their positions with each other. Or maybe it just swaps their consciousnesses. It's hard to say currently when everobody looks the same.

Gameplay footage from The Swapper:

There's always gonna be the first post...

It's pretty sure there should be some sort of introduction. It should be great, epic and incredible.
But who's really got balls to read yet another "We're the most innovative god-- ehm... ..guys in the known and unknown universe despite the fact we're just making games that are the best in the future and in the past of all our lives..."


...So now you're gonna hear a few well chosen words about Facepalm Games. Well, there really is no such thing. It's just a concept. But we develop games. Those games should be able to make you have fun. And if things go well, also make you think about real life. Maybe kick in some bread. So the goals are set. Well, they were actually set a long time ago already but who knows about unofficial things. But now you can officially start waiting. Patiently. There might be something coming..