There's always gonna be the first post...

It's pretty sure there should be some sort of introduction. It should be great, epic and incredible.
But who's really got balls to read yet another "We're the most innovative god-- ehm... ..guys in the known and unknown universe despite the fact we're just making games that are the best in the future and in the past of all our lives..."


...So now you're gonna hear a few well chosen words about Facepalm Games. Well, there really is no such thing. It's just a concept. But we develop games. Those games should be able to make you have fun. And if things go well, also make you think about real life. Maybe kick in some bread. So the goals are set. Well, they were actually set a long time ago already but who knows about unofficial things. But now you can officially start waiting. Patiently. There might be something coming..


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