Level Editor Sneak Peek

There are lots and lots of features still coming.

The Swapper on Steam! (..Community)

I created a Steam group for The Swapper. Check it out and feel free to join:

Then some info about the level editor which is going to be included in the game. It starts to be pretty usable. If I have some time there's a video coming tomorrow. You know what that means but don't let it let you down.  Here are some screens to the curious:

The Editor (click the picture).    ..And playing in the editor:
That all looks pretty boring artistically without any decals or tiles. They are the next thing to implement.

Level editor, better graphics, Wine?

Today I officially started working on the level editor. It's going to be "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" which means "Very intuitive and easy to use" :)

Also the future graphics of The Swapper made a huge leap as the game is going to use XenoN PlayGate for rendering. That means there is not going to be any flickering screen (vsync) problems that are common with games made using Game Maker. XenoN also makes it possible to use shaders for effects like adjusting colors, grayscale, screen blurring and distortions etc etc.. And what is best it also improves the overall graphics performance.
Xenon also most probably makes it possible to play the game on linux using Wine which was previously impossible because some advanced graphics stuff was used that it doesn't support. That shouldn't be a problem anymore.

It's a bit funny that the game soon does almost everything on external modules: Audio with FMOD (used also by big studios like Crytek, Remedy, Ubisoft and many more), networking with 39dll and last but not least graphics using Xenon Playgate.

Link: An interesting blog post about light and darkness


Link: An article I really don't know what to think about ;)


Details mockup

Did some quick fotoshopping. What do you think? Is that the right direction to go?
More detail = more immersion?

I fixed some problems relating character collisions with the boxes/their physics bodies. That made everything feel much smoother than before. The solution was so simple it should not work after all..
I updated yesterday the layout for The Swapper's moddb page: http://ping.fm/zyNMZ