Ragdoll IK facepalm

I made a tool to easily create animations for ragdolls. The following sequence is a preview of what is coming:

However there's a problem. How should the characters be rotated when they turn 180° around? They are simulated in 2d which is the main problem. It would be pretty easy to simply mirrorize the pose but the picture below illustrates a problem coming from that approach:


The main idea of making the characters completely physically simulated is to make them act according to that. A hand stuck inside a concrete wall isn't too nice.

Another approach would be to morph the character to the opposite side by rotating the limbs towards their angles in the flipped pose. When a limb was halfway it's rotation the graphics and rotation constraints would be flipped around. It'd be quite complex and would probably cause other problems.

Any other ideas?


Dávid said...

Always rotate them around their actual middle axis.

Facepalm Games said...

That was actually one approach I considered in case I got your idea. It works very well until crouched characters need to be rotated. They sort of jump.. But there are many ways I've thought about and it's likely that the new engine is gonna make solving the problem easier.

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